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What is The Forgiveness Campaign?

The Forgive and Live Today Campaign is a movement to promote freedom through forgiveness.  It is a call to action to inspire individuals, families, communities, and entities around the world to reconcile and come together.  

Our Goals

Campaign Target:

Inspire 1 Million Acts of Forgiveness


Campaign Slogan:

Forgive and Live;

Letting go of the past…Living free in the present


Campaign Goals:

1. Families Restored

2. Friendships Repaired

3. Communities Strengthened

4. People Empowered

Campaign Vision:

To change the world one heart at a time.

Campaign Mission:

To bring to the forefront, of society’s consciousness, the necessity of forgiveness for emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health.


Campaign Objective:

Travel to all 50 States in the U.S. and then extend to 50+ Countries.


Campaign Founders:

Kevin LeVar Gray & Shondale Gray

How will The Forgiveness Campaign be rolled-out?

The Forgiveness Campaign’s objective is to campaign at every level. This includes:

Grassroots Campaigning

Singing and sharing the message of forgiveness at Cafés, Parks, Street Corners, Town Hall Meetings, Office Functions, Prayer Meetings, Train stations, etc.


Promote awareness through partnerships with networks that will help raise acts of forgiveness in their cities of influence.

Forgiveness Concerts/Rallies

Hosted events with live performances that extend across various creative art forms (e.g., music, speakers, dance, spoken word, visual arts, etc.). These concerts/rallies will be powerful sessions themed around forgiveness, freedom, and victory.

Forgiveness Day Celebrations

Large-scale gatherings to celebrate and progress the race to raising 1 Million Acts of Forgiveness (e.g. City Walks, Live Radio Broadcasts, Telethons, Comedy Shows, Festivals).


What Are The Platforms of The Forgiveness Campaign?


Inspire individuals to let go of past hurts, bitterness, and offenses


Encourage the implementation of Forgiveness Education in Schools, Office Trainings, and Curriculums such as Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Anger Management, Health and Wellness, Behavioral Development, Work Life Balance, Justice and Rehabilitation Programs, etc


Promote awareness of National Forgiveness Days and Advocate for a National Forgiveness Month

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