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True Stories

Acts of Forgiveness

I've forgiven those who have hurt me by making me feel inferior to them and making
me feel that I've less than they are.

The Forgiveness Campaign was inspired by the overwhelming volume of emails, phone calls, conversations, and social media posts received following the release of Kevin LeVar’s song, “A Heart That Forgives.”

From the simplest offense to the most severe trespass, people are reaching out across the globe to let go of past hurts and live free in the present. It is because of testimonies like these that we stay committed to promoting the message of freedom through forgiveness.


“From the age of six to sixteen yrs of age my biological father sexually molested me. Within that time I was impregnated by my father twice, once at the age of 13 and the other at 16.  Of course along with the sexual molestation, physical and verbal abuse always follows for the sake of control.  My father recently died four months ago and I did not have the satisfaction of an apology for which I always longed for. Guess that is the fact. And I have to be O.K., Understanding that it is a process. Your song spoke to the sentiment of my heart, I have to let it go. I can't continue to rehearse the pain of the thing but embrace the victory over the thing that could have taken me out.”


“Mr. Levar, your song speaks a true story of my life. When I was eleven, the devil tried to destroy my very existence for generations to come. A burglar broke in our house, stabbed and killed my mother and stabbed me thirty-nine times leaving me for dead. Because of the grace of God I lived! For a while I ignored forgiveness and didn't really know I had a heart of unforgiveness in me. When I was 16 the Spirit of the Lord came in my room and said in order for you to move forward in your life, you must forgive the man that killed your mother. I cried and cried and then I let it go….”


(Los Angeles)


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