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The Forgiveness Campaign

Letting Go of the Past…Living Free in the Present

 A heart that forgives is a heart that will live

Kevin Levar


What is The Forgiveness Campaign?

The Forgiveness Campaign is a movement to promote freedom through forgiveness. It is a call to action to inspire individuals, families, communities, and entities around the world to reconcile and come together. 



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Kevin LeVar - A Heart That Forgives

A heart that forgives, is a heart that will live;

Totally free from the pain of the past.

A heart that lets go, is a heart that will know

so much freedom...


I want a heart that forgives,

when the ones who are closest,

that I've known the longest,

have hurt me the most.


I still want to love them,

just like You love me;

even though I'm hurting

Lord you know they hurt me so deep.

I want to let it go...

Father, help me let it go...

It's been holding me back...

And I don't want it anymore...

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